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The Iron Shark! Custom Funko Pop. funkopopvinyl

Groot and Rocket.
11X17 ink on paper, colored with Photoshop

New Neil Gaiman book- working on the cover…

gif of my fat dog: Tofu! 
jk he’s not that fat. yet. 

marco puccini
"e q u i l i b r i s t a"

Colombia by Rick Murphy - More than half of the world’s most expensive emeralds come from Colombia. It is the only South American country that has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific. The national sport is tejo and consists of throwing a metal puck down an alley at a target.

A fantastic new set, Rick Murphy’s Americas, has just been released. Join NeonMob to see more; it’s free and a lot of fun :)

If you missed out on the To Be or Not To Be Kickstarter and have since decided that regrets are for other people and you want the book even though the Kickstarter is over, good news!  We’re close to having the books ready to ship, and that means you can buy the book now!!

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